Recording icon  Recording

Whether you want to record a few vocal takes or complete a whole album we’ve got great studios to deliver exactly what you need. Both control rooms contain first rate mixing consoles, pre- amps, effects rack and we also have a great selection of instruments to suit your style.
The Live room has a great “ambient” sound because of its size, but can also be adapted with acoustic baffles to get that specific sound you’re looking for.
Along with our experienced engineers we also have a team of producers and session musicians on hand to really enhance your recordings and get that Pro sound. Please check out our Team page.

Mixing iconMixing

It’s so important to get the mix right so having good gear, accurate acoustics and a great set of ears is what you need to really make it happen. We can offer all of these… Whether you’re just balancing stems or mixing down a monumental 80 track epic, we have the equipment, skills and know-how to cover all ends of the mixing spectrum.
Studio One contains an Amek Einstein 40 channel mixing console with Adam, Genelec and Yamaha monitoring. All audio is processed through the UAD Apollo 16 interface and we also have a growing collection of classic analogue gear. So whether you want a pure analogue or digital path or a hybrid of both we can mix and match to suit your sound.
Studio Two has a 26 channel vintage Tac Matchless analogue desk with Adam, Genelec and Yamaha Speakers also. Again, you can mix right across the board or stay completely in the box, the choice is yours.

If analogue is not what you’re looking for, we have a large selection of first rate plug-ins for an “all in the box” digital mix down.


We now also offer an online mixing service! We have a great team of experienced mix engineers who can deliver 1st rate mixes tailored to your sound and genre. All you have to do is upload your consolidated stems and we’ll take care of the rest!

Turnaround is 7 days. Price start at £150 a mix.

Contact Tom on 07786 523 091 or email us at

Production iconMastering

Mastering is a real art form to get the very best from your masters. Whether you’re look for a true analogue path, true digital or hybrid we can meet your needs. Some of our team specialise in mastering please check out are Team page. Sessions can be attended or unattended, these will be reflected in the cost.

Prices start from £40 per track.

We also offer and online service with a 48 hour turn around.

Masterin icon  Music Production

David Tolan heads up our Team of professional musicians and producers that are here to provide any help that you would need when working in the studios, from a small session band to high-end music production, whatever it takes to make a great sounding record.

If you would like to send any of your tracks for consideration please send them to:


Our live room can also be booked for rehearsals too. The room has great acoustics and houses an Electrovoice PA system, EV wedge monitors,  an Allen and Heath mix wizard desk and a selection of outboard effects. Whilst we can do shorter 4 hour sessions, we recommend full day sessions to maximise use of this great space.

FilmVideo Service

If you want to film and record your rehearsal or make a promo video we can deliver this as part of a package deal..

(2 x Live track recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed & edited -£690)

Recorded on one camera, a Fuji XT2 with a 23mm Lens using a zhiyun crane motorised gimbal to eliminate shaking. All audio is recorded to a very high standard using pro tools. All Video filmed, edited and graded using Adobe Premiere. All filmed and edited in house at Hope Mill Recording Studios.

Check out our You Tube page for examples of our work..


We now have fiber-optic broadband with a 30mbps upload capability and can live stream your performance, set, workshop or lecture. Please contact Tom on 07786 523 091 or email us at for further details.