Live Room

Our Live space is a large 800 square foot room consisting of brick walls, large glass windows and a wooden floor. It is a beautiful space for recording and rehearsing with lots of natural daylight. The original brick walls make this a great, open and reflective space however all reflections can be controlled by the use of studio baffles and acoustic screens to give a much tighter, dryer and isolated sound.

This room also has a purpose built isolation booth which is great for recording vocals or screening off guitar cabs.

There is also available a large selection of great instruments such as Sonor and Ludwig drums, Fender, Hayden, Marshall and Ampeg Amplifiers, J&J Hopkins upright piano and  Kurzweil stage piano, Fender and Gretch guitars and a great selection of microphones such as; Neumann, AKG, Coles, Shure, Audio Technica, SE electronics, Bayer dynamic and Sennheiser.

Isolation Booth

This is a semi anechoic room, built with minimal reflections in mind. All walls, ceiling and floor have been treated with highly absorbant materials to take out any surface reflections. This gives the sound a very ‘dry’ isolated sound, perfect for drums, bass, guitar and lead vocals. This can be used in combination with opening out the bifold doors to the live room where ambient mics can be placed to get a nice combination of wet and dry signals, getting the best of both worlds!

This makes the  combination of rooms a very adaptable & flexible recording space.

Control Room One (Coming soon…)

Studio One control room is based on a Amek Einstein Super E 40 Channel mixing desk incorporating Adam, Genelec and Yamaha NS10 Speakers. There is also a selection of vintage pre-amps and effects units. All audio is recorded through the UAD Apollo 16 interface.

Control Room Two

Studio two is a multi-purpose room which incorporates a 26 channel vintage Tac Matchless analogue desk, Adam and Neumann Speakers, Universal Audio AD/DA and Audient API, Neve, Ampex and TL Audio pre amps.